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Dixita Mitana – student of F.Y.P.T.C. received 3rd prize in elocution Competition held by World Animal Week
Divya Kamli – student of F.Y.P.T.C. received 1st prize in quiz competition held by Science and Technology

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Mrs. Anjana Kaj Treasurer & Campus Director
Shree Amar Jyot Education Society is an edifice of faith. It is the crystallization of the dream of our Founder Chairman; Late Seth Shri Nagindas B. Shah.

Shrinathji School envisions an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation, that kindles the dormant talents of its students.

Shrinathji School strives to instil in all its students strong leadership qualities, a sense of team work, fair play and a desire to excel, along with concern for the less fortunate, through community service.
Competition held by Bal Bhavan on the occasion of Nariyal Purnima
• Students if F.Y.P.T.C. received 2nd Prize in Mehandi competition. • Students of F.Y.P.T.C. received 3rd prize in Deshbhakti Geet
Competition held by Hindi Pakhwada
• Pinky Mistry student of F.Y.P.T.C. received 3rd prize in Essay Competition. • Ankita group - student of S.Y.P.T.C. received 2nd prize in Desh Bhakti geet.

Shree Amarjyot Education Society

The emblem of the school represents the sacred lamp symbolizing the removal of darkness (ignorance) and invocation of knowledge echoing the vedic prayer. “Lead me from darkness to light”. The book image of the sacred text book symbolizes the search and aspiration for knowledge. The rising sun promise the dawn of new light and knowledge which are eternal sources of life on our planet earth. The waves of the sea signify activity/action. The two pens represent power of literacy and symbol of education.

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